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About Maisy

Maisy ImageI know Maisy really well, like my best friend or a dear sister, having been the editor of so many books about her, working closely with Lucy for so many years. Maisy's always upbeat, happy and easy to be with, everything she does feels like a bright new beginning. Lucy comes into my office and we sit and talk about a new Maisy book, with Donna, the art-director of Maisy books; and it's not like anyone's making anything up, it all seems true. Maisy's world comes alive very easily. Perhaps this is why children, even grown-up ones, love Maisy books. It seems so natural, having Maisy for your friend.

It's amazing to think that Maisy has delighted young children and parents alike for more than 25 years, selling over 30 million books worldwide and being translated into 29 different languages in 26 countries. So you're never alone with Maisy either there are always other children all round the world, reading about her, learning from her, sharing her adventures. In France she's Mimi; in Germany she's Mausi and in Sweden she's Molly. And Charley, Eddie, Cyril and Tallulah they have other names too. But whatever the names, the story's the same. Maisy is a friend for all of us and in her special way she brings us all together.

David Lloyd, Publisher

You can find out how Maisy is used in the classroom, here.

We at Walker Books want you and your child to have fun with every  Maisy book… this means putting safety first

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Maisy – safety in play